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The problems come with having too much or too little.

It’s about getting it right for you, and what you do on a regular basis

This is one macro nutrient that gets pushed at us by every man, dog, cat and even gold fish out there on the get fit and lim down wagon. Now don’t get it wrong we definitely need protein in our diets but when is it to much or too little or just right for you.  This is starting to sound like a bit a a Goldilocks and the three bears story, but it is not.

Our western diet is carb heavy and also now very protein heavy.  SO it is certainly eay to over do it and in the long term cause yourself harm.

Having a simple to use tool to work out what you need today, this week for you for your needs based on exercise and work demands is critical for getting it ‘just right’.  We cover how to calculate what you need daily based on you weigh and some simple factors for what you do each week.

We also go through some tools for making sure you get enough balanced amino acid intake when woking from a vegetarian and vegan perspective.

Daily Protein requirements

Select a factor

  •  0.8 –  Sit at a desk, no real exercise other than a stroll at the mall or park
  • 0.9 – have an active job and move around a lot and or go to the gym a couple of times per week

  • 1.0 – regular gym user or exerciser i.e. 5 times a week for an hour

  • 1.1 – You’re a heavy gym user or amateur physical sports person or pregnant

  • 1.2 – Elite Athlete – there is far more to sports nutrition and needs dedicated support from a sports nutritionist

Weigh yourself in kg

Multiply your weight in kg x Factor = g protein / day of pure protein

Multiply this number by 3 to get animal sources – meats & eggs

Or multiply by 4 for vegetarian sources – vegetable sources are less dense.

If you have protein shakes or bars subtract the Protein content in g for what you consume from daily pure protein intake figure.  Then multiply up by 3 or 4 to get amounts for meals.

Balanced protein for vegetarians & vegans

For planning a vegetarian based meal without dairy or egg content the following tables will prove useful.  Essentially to have a complete protein intake that ensure all 8 essential amino acids are consumed the meal needs balancing.  The simplest way to plan it is that every meal has a bean/pulse/Lentil/legum with either nuts and seeds or Grains or combination of Gains and nuts or seeds.

While each source has some of all amino acids they are in very low amounts and are refered to as limiting.  Another way to balance is to ensure over a day that a balanced source is acheived is taken in.  So breakfast, lunch and dinner can be made up of part of the components and does not have to be all the components.

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