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It’s all about your Poo.

Find out what your poo tells us as part of your differential diagnosis and state of health.

It’s one of things that you will get asked about by any Naturopath or Natural Health Practitioner. ¬†We just need and love to know about your Poo.

Your daily deposit or lack there of tells us an awful lot about what is going on for you and greatly assists in reaching corrective differential dianosis for treatment your protocols.

Fortunately for the squemish or embarassed we work with the Bristol Stool Chart so most of what you tell us is a number.

In this section we cover what we learn about you from your poo and how to use the Bristol Stool Chart (copy below), plus the 4 extra bits that complete collection.

Knowing your poo state is a key part of every appointment held at the Gut Guru.

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