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Category: Expect these in your appointment

Stress the hidden problem

Are you sure you’re not stressed? Things to do daily that stop its impact on you! We are not built to be under stress all day, every day, all year round.  Sadly this is what happens living in our modern western world and may be whay so many Australian’s aspire towards a grey nomad lifestyle […]


The problems come with having too much or too little. It’s about getting it right for you, and what you do on a regular basis This is one macro nutrient that gets pushed at us by every man, dog, cat and even gold fish out there on the get fit and lim down wagon. Now […]


How much to drink? What really counts for keeping you hydrated and functioning Water, it is absolutely vital for us to function and keep on top of the game.  Knowing how much is the right amount to drink is the sticking point. In this session we will cover: The importance of hydration and it’s the […]

It’s all about your Poo.

Find out what your poo tells us as part of your differential diagnosis and state of health. It’s one of things that you will get asked about by any Naturopath or Natural Health Practitioner.  We just need and love to know about your Poo. Your daily deposit or lack there of tells us an awful […]