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We GUARANTEE you will know how to IMPROVE YOUR SYMPTOMS in your first appointment or you will get your money back.

Not only that ALL out PERSONALISED Programs are 100% satisfaction GUARANTEED for 2 YEARS after your last session.

Our unique Naturopathic, Nutritional, Biomedical and Herbal treatments can improve your gut health, eliminate gastric and abdominal pain while enhancing your sense of wellbeing.

Our specialist testing can include Bio Resonance Analysis, Food Sensitivity Testing, Wellness Assessment, Zinc, pH, and Functional Pathology to name just some of what we offer.  This enables us to determine WHY you feel the way you do and how to bring you back to health.  See our programs for more information.

Or phone us on: 07 3102 4363

“Seeing Trevor has turned things around, I’m no longer going to the loo all the time, cramps are gone so fast it never affects my day.  I’ve recommended him to all my friends, family and work colleagues as I think everyone should feel as good as I do”  Julie

“Hi Trevor, I just wanted to say a big THANKYOU.  I was doubful to start with BUT since I completed your program I feel like a new person and am enjoying each day as its not such a struggle, six months ago I would never have thought I would feel so good again. I highly recommend your program to anyone who feels they are always going to the toilet, there is a light at the end of the tunnel!”  Kelly