House Call Base | 29 Trafford St
Chermside West, Brisbane 4032

Are you over; panic toilet runs, abdominal cramps, stressing about what you eat and its after effects? Well, what we do is provide long-term solutions allowing you to enjoy what you eat without suffering embarrassing effects and panic toilet runs.
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The Gut Guru Location

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House Call Service

We used to make you come to us. 

Now we come to you with an in Home Consulting service.

No more stress about trying to see us in work hours as e come to you and our last appointment of the day is 7:30PM.

If you are located within a 45 minute drive from our base, there is no travel charge. If we do a house call, shipping your prescription is included.  The prescription is charged at our normal retail rates.

If we travel out of area, additional time is charged in tenths of an hour on our normal hourly rate.  Unless we see more than one client in the suburbs around you.

House Call Appointments are 45 minutes in length and required for first ever appointment.

Doing a follow up after seeing us recently then you could do a Face Time / Skype / Phone follow up instead.